Are you planning a weekend outing with family or friends? Do you want to escape a little on the road during the next holidays? Car rental can be an excellent means of transportation during the trip. However, in order to protect you from accidents, and as is often said, "prudence is the mother of safety", we invite you to take out additional rental car insurance before you start.


When the time comes when the owner decides to rent his car, he usually offers the minimum in terms of insurance for a rental vehicle. More specifically, the only insurance coverage he can offer you is civil liability coverage. Thus, if an accident occurs, this minimum coverage will only cover damage caused to the other car, as well as to its driver and passengers. However, third party liability insurance will not cover damage to your rental vehicle, your passengers and yourself. Thus, without the additional insurance, you can certainly be required to pay the cost of repairing the vehicle in question, and this at the most expensive price. However, before leaving on the road for a long weekend trip and during the holidays with a rental motorhome or mobile home, you are strongly advised to subscribe to a complementary insurance plan.


Depending on your needs and aspirations, you can choose from a wide range of complementary insurance options throughout the rental period. This possibility gives you the privilege of being better covered and better compensated in the event of a problem. However, in order to benefit from maximum protection during your car trip, you can, for example, take out additional CDW or Collision Damage Waiver insurance. This formula greatly reduces the deductible amount when a collision occurs. The TP or Theft Protection supplementary insurance form limits the driver's liability in the event of vandalism, theft or broken glass in respect of the rented car. In addition, there is also the PAI or Personal Accident Insurance coverage that only protects you and your passengers.


Despite the civil liability coverage and its other supplementary insurance forms, when renting a vehicle for a long journey, you are always advised to remain cautious on the road. But before that, don't forget to check the general condition of the loaned car. In addition, it is also recommended that you be aware of duplicates before purchasing an additional insurance plan for a rental car. Indeed, it may happen that some insurance contracts extend their coverage by incorporating additional options such as the "driver damage" coverage. In addition, if you have paid for the rental of the vehicle with a MasterCard Gold or Visa Premier card, you should be aware that the deductible is already covered. This allows you to spend less on your car insurance policy when you rent.