Any driver is never safe from a road accident, if a person happens to be the victim of a road accident, he or she can initiate administrative procedures to cover the damage through the use of his or her vehicle insurance. Car-sharing allows individuals or companies to rent a vehicle and introduces a new challenge for car insurers.  The question arises as to whether insurance can be taken out in the case of a car-sharing accident and what steps to take in this situation.


Car-sharing is also known as self-service cars and offers car rental services to individuals. The service has three main types of vehicle rental and each operates and charges differently for the rental. The first type is loop car-sharing where vehicles are present at a station and the customer can book the car before taking the road. Then car-sharing between private individuals, as its name suggests, offers the possibility for private individuals to rent their vehicle. The rental and return formalities are directly defined between the tenant and the owner. And finally, the free service is the most flexible form of car-sharing in terms of booking. Indeed, the service allows the customer to pick up the vehicle at a specific location with the help of an application or a website.


The leased vehicle must obviously be insured by the owner and it is important to note that the automobile insurance must contain the "ready to drive" clause in the event of a car loss by someone other than the owner of the vehicle and applies to one-time loans and carpooling. However, the level of insurance is directly linked to the driver's profile (driving experience, number of accidents, etc.) and each driver has a relatively different driving style. If you wish to rent a vehicle or have your vehicle rented online, insurance is at the heart of the service offered by Drivy. The first step in the event of an accident is to make an amicable report involving the damaged vehicles in order to trigger the insurer's actions and then to make a claim declaration. In the case of an accident involving shared damages, the insurance compensates the insured for half of the material damage suffered.


No one can predict an accident and it is strongly recommended to always be insured in order to achieve better claims management. In the end, car-sharing has made it possible to improve the flexibility of insurance policies and guarantee the serenity of motorists behind the wheel.