There are several possibilities for people who want to sell their cars. Sellers can use the professionals and entrust them with the car for sale. They can also sell on their own. A new method is also widely used nowadays with the arrival of the Internet. In this case, the seller may find a person interested in his offer. But how do you sell your car to a private individual?


Before publishing the ad, it is important to properly evaluate the value of your car. This step is very important, because it will determine the selling price of the vehicle. Several evaluation methods are available, but the most commonly used is the one based on the Argus rating. The seller's personal evaluation is increasingly recommended because the Argus value is often too low and generalized. It is therefore the seller's responsibility to consider the specificities of his car such as mileage, the condition of the tyres, the condition of the mechanics in general, the condition of the bodywork as well as the age of the vehicle. In this way, the seller can easily set the selling price.


As this is a sale between private individuals, it is the direct owner who is responsible for announcing the sale of his vehicle. To do this, he has several options. He can do the old-fashioned way with advertisements in the written press, a method that was and still is effective. With the new information and communication technology, the seller can also use the Internet to sell. Just take pictures of the car and publish them later. These photos must be accompanied by a full description of the car, as well as the owner's direct contact. By opting for ads on the Internet, the seller has the choice between sites specialized in online vehicle sales or also the various social networks.


As it is a contract, some documents are necessary for the completion of the sale between private individuals. First, the seller must complete the transfer declaration in duplicate. Then, he must transfer the registration document to the new owner, mentioning that the vehicle has been sold. A certificate of non-payment is also to be given to the new owner. Finally, for vehicles more than four years old, the buyer must receive the roadworthiness test document from the seller.