The automotive market is a rapidly expanding field nowadays. Automobile dealers representing the major brands provide customers with new cars. In addition to these dealers, individuals or used car dealers are also entering the race to meet the needs of those who do not want to buy a new car. Unlike cars that have already covered a few kilometres, choosing a car with a garage exit can be very interesting for its buyer.


When purchasing a new car, the dealer offers a garage warranty. This guarantee consists of taking control of the car in the event of a possible technical failure. In general, the warranty varies from three to five years depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers also offer coverage based on kilometres, which varies from 50,000 to 100,000 kilometres. If the buyer chooses a used vehicle, he will not benefit from this advantage because the dealer is not able to guarantee the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase. However, some used vehicle dealers do guarantee the vehicles offered for sale, but the guarantee in question is less compared to the guarantees for new cars.


Today's car is equipped with safety devices that protect its driver and passengers. These security features evolve over time. The more you opt for a new, i. e. recent car, the more protected you would be from possible bodily injury caused by road accidents. However, if you choose a used car, some safety devices may be defective. To this end, in the event of an accident, the safety of the driver and passengers may be compromised. It is therefore better to drive with a new car than with a second-hand car. This is for your safety and especially for the safety of other road users.


A new vehicle is equipped with an engine straight out of the production plant and a body in perfect condition. On the mechanical side, the buyer of a vehicle may have a greater advantage compared to the users of a second-hand car. Indeed, since the engine is in its original condition and depending on the manufacturer's settings, the car retains the fuel consumption expected on the model. In general, a new car consumes less fuel than a new vehicle. In addition, the new mechanical technology complies with environmental standards and the vehicle emits less carbon dioxide.