Any vehicle using the public road must be regularly inspected. This overhaul is carried out in order to keep a car in good working order. A poorly maintained car is not able to operate under the conditions imposed by road safety. Thus, the absence of an overhaul on a vehicle can be a danger for its owner, but especially for other road users. Vehicle overhaul is therefore essential for various reasons and must be carried out in accordance with the standards imposed by the manufacturer or approved garages.


This is a maintenance to be carried out according to the distance travelled by a vehicle. This maintenance criterion varies according to the builders, and according to the habits of the owners. In general, vehicle overhauls are carried out from 10,000 kilometres travelled. Some brands set this regular maintenance at 30,000 kilometres or more. But this revision is very variable from one vehicle to another. The frequency of inspection of a recent car is not identical to that of an old car. Frequent maintenance is required on older cars, while regular maintenance is enough on newer models.


The replacement of wearing parts is always to be planned during an automobile overhaul. These wear parts are different depending on the vehicle model. For a vehicle equipped with a petrol engine, various elements must be checked during periodic maintenance. This includes, for example, spark plugs, which must be checked and replaced if necessary. Also, the condition of the engine in general must be checked during the overhaul. Some LPG cars require less engine control because they are less polluting than diesel and petrol. According to mechanical professionals, these types of vehicles are generally easy to maintain.


Car overhaul is an easy task for enthusiasts. Thus, most of the handling can be done by the owner himself, such as pneumatic checking before each trip, draining for diesel or petrol vehicles. However, it is always advisable to use a professional for the overhaul of your car. Garage owners have the necessary equipment and tools for proper maintenance. The certification of a garage owner can also be used as a supporting document for insurance in the event of a traffic accident.