Choosing your tyres is not something you can improvise. It is difficult to find your way through all the prices, brands and offers when changing erasers. In this short guide, here are some tips to help you make the right choice of tires for your vehicle.


To avoid buying tires that do not match your vehicle, it is recommended to think about the dimensions! They are located on the side of your tires and look as follows: 165/60 R15 77 H. These clues are essential if you do not want to end up with a tire that is too wide or too small. There is a possibility to find additional information as for Runflat and reinforced (XL) tires. For information, if you decide to change the tire yourself, you must place the car on solid ground. Please also make sure that the tire diameter is well adapted to the rim.


It should always be remembered that a tire must correspond with the driver. It is supposed to be selected according to the needs of the latter. To achieve this, it is first recommended to determine what type of driver you are. Are you driving calmly in a minivan? Do you frequently take the highway? You with a driving in sport and live? For example, urban drivers do not need an extra-large tire.


Do you live in the cold zone or in the mountains? Your needs are not the same as those of a driver driving on the flat. Individuals residing at high altitudes are incarcerated in poor weather conditions: frost, snow, hail, etc. These factors make conditions slippery while driving. To avoid risks, drivers are supposed to favour snow tires as soon as the temperature drops below 7°C. To choose a tire, you have the choice between the winter tire, the summer tire, the 4-season tire. The selection depends on the climate of an area, but also on the season. It is advisable to change your tires once every six months, choosing summer and winter tires. However, individuals who live in usually cold weather will keep their tires in contact for a longer period. There are 3 types of tires: winter, summer and all-season tires. The all-season tire has the performance of a winter and summer tire. The latter is the most sold and most used. As for the winter tire, it is specialized for winter conditions. Most drivers make the decision to change the tire width only in winter.