A rental vehicle not only allows you the freedom to visit all the locations your heart desires, but uk getaround also offers value for money. If looking for car sharing options, it’s always best to try and do your research in advance. Research the peer to peer car rental UK companies you will be dealing with and make an informed decision a few days before you are due to hit the road. The following is a look at everything you need to know about private car rental UK.

Take Time to Understand the Insurance Policy

Even though full insurance is necessary when using private car hire services, uk.getaround.com recommends that you take your time to go through the policy. Check what type of coverage is offered, including whether collision damage has been included. Some travelers wrongly assume that it might be easier for them to arrange insurance coverage on their own. But the reality is that it will be cheaper, convenient, and time-saving to have the rental company handle everything on your behalf. This way, all you will need to do is pick up the car and drive off to your preferred location.


Many private car rental companies in the UK will provide you with a number of options for fueling the automobile. You need to make a decision from three options: 1. Buy a full tank from the company and return the car when empty 2. Rent it with a full tank and take it back to the company with a full tank 3. Opt to pay the rental company for the amount of fuel that you will have used It’s important to first contact the rental company to make inquiries before you can reserve a vehicle. Learn about its fueling policies and be sure to check the amount of fuel available when hiring and when returning the vehicle. You also need to confirm the kind of fuel that the vehicle uses before you drive away. Many vehicles use diesel. Pumping petrol into a vehicle that uses diesel or vice versa is likely to cause damage, and this is damage that the company will want you to pay for. It’s, therefore, important to start by checking the kind of fuel that a car uses before you can drive away from the parking lot.

Assessing the Car for Damages During the Rental Process

A peer to peer car rental company has a responsibility to provide the client with a car that is safe, modern, and clean. The vehicle should also have been checked thoroughly prior to being leased out again. When collecting the vehicle, you should make a thorough assessment of it by walking around it in search of damages. Check for scuffs, scratches, dents, or bumps. No matter how minute they may appear, ensure that they are recorded in the agreement signed with the company. You also need to check its interiors and confirm whether it has tools and a spare wheel. Always ensure you are fully satisfied with its condition before you can sign for it.

Returning the Vehicle

It’s important to note that car sharing UK policies call for you to return the vehicle in the same condition it was when you leased it. You will, therefore, be required to pay for any refurbishments or repairs that may be required if the car was involved in an accident while under your care.