A lessee must be able to meet the conditions required to have the right to rent a vehicle. There are essential documents for car rental.


In general, all vehicle enthusiasts are free to rent a car if they hold a licence and are at least 21 years old. All landlords are required to establish rental terms and conditions. And tenants must comply with these conditions if they want permission to drive the rental car. Indeed, there are a few steps to take to rent a car. Usually, it is enough for the lessor and the lessee to enter into a contract by signing this written deed to confirm that they are willing to meet the conditions of lease. Sometimes, a civil liability insurance is part of the proposals defined by the person who gives to rent. On Drivy, the leading car-sharing platform in Europe, you can benefit from this compulsory insurance. But some documents are required to take a vehicle in addition to the rental contract. Until you can follow these steps, it is impossible to lease a car.


A driving licence is an essential element to have the use of a car. You must present this document at the time you make the online reservation. This is to confirm that you are legally entitled to drive a car. Most of the time, a tenant is obliged to have an international permit in case his old permit is not written in Roman script. Also, the lessor needs to check the legal licence of the other drivers mentioned in the contract. In addition, a tenant must have held his permit for 5 years and be over 25 years old if he wants to rent a minivan. Then, a proof of identity in the name of the tenant is an important element to provide at the time of booking.


Some landlords require tenants to provide proof of residence in addition to identification. Once the signature is placed on the rental contract, you need a credit card to pay the rental price online. Thus, to rent a car, you must provide yourself with a proof of residence, a voucher and a bank card in addition to your driver's licence and identity card.